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Newborn dies, mother found dead in crawl space; woman charged –

In bEYonD ScREwED! on June 7, 2009 at 9:30 am

I’m not one who enjoys being the harbinger of bad news nor do I relish in the morose, but I just had to respond to this story that I read on  I feel so badly for the mother and baby.  People will ask, What kind of monsters would do this?  Ascribing as the answer to that question some sort of mental illness, I caution people to understand that there is actual evil living here in flesh-and-bones, and this has nothing to do with mental illness.  These two monsters who murdered the mother and child are not necessarily mentally ill; before we jump to that conclusion—and, after a complete psychological work-up on these two, that may, indeed, be the case—we must acknowledge that evil is real, that it does exist.  My reason for making this claim is to assert the position that a society need not justify everything before it acts.  While I’m not in favor of adopting the Puritan ways where credible evidence was subordinate to the divine powers of the prosecutors, we must rethink our stance on allowing groups such as the KKK to exist in our country.  Here’s one instance where we can have it both ways:  freedom of speech and a society that draws a moral line in the sand.

Believe me, I’m neither a moralist nor a believer in religion (pardon the pun).  I am, however, a cautious pragmatist, and giving credibility to acts of pure evil in the form of the psycho-social ideological term “insane” because we have no other explanation for such acts only serves to perpetuate evil in our society.  I realize that that I needn’t worry too much:  these two monsters will most definitely be found guilty by reasons of the evidence already gleaned.  No; I’m advocating caution in branding them as “mentally ill.”  While either of them may have legitimate mental issues (depression, social anxiety—who knows and who cares?), I do not believe that mental illness is what caused Korena Roberts and Boyfriend to commit this act.  (The term “insanity” is simply a label upon which to slap our inability to reach a clinical diagnosis of an explicably heinous act committed by either an individual or a group.)  Think for a moment about the most evil man in our history:  Adolph Hitler.  Hitler wasn’t insane; he was a genius.  He was able to convince most of the world that his evil ideology was right and just…and sane.  One out of three is, I believe, true:  sane.  Here’s a prime example of where you had highly educated people—Hitler and his “henchmen”—who were public officials sitting around a conference table and discussing domestic and international policy about ways to exterminate millions of people who failed to fit into their vision (Hitler’s vision) of the ideal human being.  Insanity?  No; if they were insane, none of them would have ever reached the threshold to a university let alone climb the very competitive ladder of success.  Evil, however?  Yes.

A truly insane person has little or no grasp of that which constitutes the fundamental laws of existence.  For example, a truly insane person may see, hear, or feel something that exists neither presently nor in the past and it has no possibility of existing in the future.  What separates the truly insane person from the products of a genius mind whose time is yet to come is that the truly insane individual may follow a legitimate path of logic but, unlike the “eccentric genius,” he creates a trajectory where the system of logic is held together only by his own beliefs in the impossible, that which defies natural law, that which is purely ego driven, and that which subverts past and present truths as necessary in order to make this new “insane system of logic” able to function.  Hitler, et al, were quite sane and sober.  Their system of logic was…logical in that they were able to bond to an accepted ideology (religious, moral, political, etc.) their own subverted belief system.  So, am I postulating that evil is 50% insanity and 50% intelligence?  Well, no.  It’s more like 20/80.  And the majority always wins.

Newborn dies, mother found dead in crawl space; woman charged –