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Passing the stimulus package will ruin our country. Guaranteed!

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2009 at 8:19 pm

The first concept that we must understand is that throwing cash into a failing enterprise will support that enterprise only for as long as the cash continues to flow.  In other words, it’s almost always a bad investment to throw a line to a sinking ship.  Enterprises don’t fail for no reason.  This is why banks never give loans to businesses unless they feel that they can pay them back. Furthermore, the days of "the pitch" – where you hit up the bank for start-up capitol – are over, as well.  Banks aren’t lending right now not because of this economic downturn – contrary to popular belief – but because if they show that they’re solvent, they will be cast out of the running of the stimulus package.  Don’t kid yourself: restaurants and $20/hr. parking garages are still jammed; movie theaters are relatively full; no one’s really "going without."  Not really; people are still spending money.  So, what, then, is this stimulus package supposed to stimulate, exactly?

If this bailout package passes, it will prove to be the near ruination of our country.  This won’t happen overnight; but I give it no more than ten years; by then, we are going to be on the brink of implosion. Things are going to get worse…much, much worse if we allow "our" government to pass this bill. 

Don’t doubt me.  Those who do are always on the losing end.  Listen to what I’m saying here:  In ten years or less, the United States will be on the verge of ruination if we allow this stimulus package to go through.

This is something that most of us cannot comprehend.  I cannot comprehend it, myself; not fully.  But it’s terrifying.

So what’s the answer, smartass?  Well, here’s what a proper bailout would look like:  the government creates a fund in the amount of this stimulus package where, in league with the debtors, the citizens petition the courts for cash.  Like bankruptcy, we could create a system whereby people would have access to this "free money" in order to eradicate legitimate debts – such as credit card, etc.   And yes, like bankruptcy, there would be the social stigma along with the credit score penalties, etc.  But this system would, indeed, help the citizens.

What those in the government are trying to do is, at best, disgusting…and at worse, purely evil.  They’re all like spoiled children running around with chocolate dripping from their mouths, demanding "More candy!  More candy!"

And it’s your fault!  You’ve spoiled them – we’ve spoiled them.  Well, it’s time take back our country.  Otherwise disaster is eminent.

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