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Politics, Abortion, Birth Control, Suffering, Destitution, Mediocrity: Thanks a Lot, Religion!

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we say KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON never gets old

we say KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON never gets old (Photo credit: typebalance)

Incongruities abound, the most obvious of which is “separation of church and state.”  If it belongs anywhere, religion belongs within the four walls of the church/temple/mosque/etc.; allowing religious ideology of any kind to seep from these walls and into our political-social system has the same effect on society as does smoking cigarettes has on the body:  a slow but eminent decay.


If we are to evolve collectively, as a society, we must ratify this issue, once-and-for-all, by understanding and practicing that mantra, “separation of church and state.”  To allow the Catholic Church to decide what laws it will and will not follow (i.e. insurance providing birth-control) opens up the possibility of any group that calls itself “religious” to litigate the circumvention of any law.

The argument over abortion is particularly striking.  To argue that abortion is murder is the same as saying that a pregnant woman who knowingly engages in behavior that ultimately causes the death of her fetus is guilty of murder.  And what if she unknowingly harms or kills her fetus (i.e. she falls)?  Does this mean she may be guilty of manslaughter?  If you view abortion as murder, your next step is to divine the Pregnancy Police.  And would it be part of the State Police or the FBI?  Perhaps part of Parks and Recreation?  Animal Control?

To use as the thesis for the argument against abortion that it is the taking of a human life fails in light of our very own mores.  Millions of deaths occur each and every day based on the decisions that we make.  For example, to withhold an organ because the recipient doesn’t fit a particular profile (say, he smokes or is too old or leads a life of – Heaven forbid! – debauchery) is, by the logic of the argument, likewise murder.  So, too, is anyone who sells or manufacture cigarettes, alcohol, or food loaded with trans-fats.  Those waiters and waitresses…gotta watch em!

Families struggle, our neighbor’s house is in foreclosure, those on the streets are starving, he just got fired from his job which sends his family into financial ruin, her parents can’t afford a quality nursing home so they’re at the mercy of the state which takes everyone’s life’s savings.  Our diet is killing us, and yet McDonald’s is worshiped.  The economy is terrible, yet the iPad and the iPhone has become a cultural phenom.  Our public education system shackles our teachers to the foolish ideology of the most ignorant and yet completely withholds academic freedom.  Charities and other non-profits cease to exist but we give trillions of dollars in the form of so-called bailouts to the banks and the car companies.  Corruption in our government is so insidious and we know this, yet we elect he (or she?) with the most money and actually believe, actually cheer when they speak such rhetoric as, “I believe in each and every American,” “I believe in education,” “We must be accountable….”.

And yet, throughout our history, we give more money to the church than to any other cause, issue, or social project.

And yet, we each spend thousands of dollars on sporting events, worship our athletes, buy the products they tell us to and adopt a particular attitude because they say it’s cool to act “this way” when you’re wearing “this baseball cap,” when we can’t at all afford a better life for ourselves and our families.

And yet, we lose ourselves in the world of television and dutifully loyal to “the brand.”

And yet, we laugh at the intellectual, celebrate the anti-intellectual, and, with big grins and nodding heads, relate oh-so-well to the mediocre.

And we get upset because we can’t afford the next Big Thing.

And we wonder why our children have autism.

And we wonder why it has to be just so hard.

And we believe that we’re in control.

And we believe that we’re “doing the right thing.”

And we believe that we’re smart, savvy, capable.

Because we buy the Next Big thing (but have nothing in our saving’s accounts).

Because our children today live in an environmentally unsafe world (but condone the horrible conditions in other countries so that we can afford to buy that Next Big Thing).

Because we have to pay our dues, because no one gets “somethin’ for nothin’” (“They should just get a job!”).

Because each one of us is unique and worthy and our country is based on freedom of every individual (unless you’re gay).

Because we’re horrified when we see on the news the latest murdered child (and avoid, with everything we have, searching for a solution).

Because our clothes, our cars, our jobs, our gadgets, our busy schedules, Apple, BestBuy, Walmart, Target, McDonald’s, Budweiser, our she’s-not-driving-fast-enough-so-I’m-going-to-ride-her-bumper-until-I-can-cut-her-off, our I’m-speeding-up-so-she-can’t-take-a-left, our she-just-dropped-that-slip-of-paper-but-I’m-not-going-to-pick-it-up-for-her, our those-kids-are-going-to-get-hurt-but-I’m-not-getting-involved, our I want, our I need, our I deserve, our he’s bad, our she’s good, our they’re gay, our they’re straight say so! 

The Catholic Church is very concerned with senseless deaths and degradation of the innocents.  It provides us a place to pray, gives us our moral standards, and is very, very charitable.  Right?

Do you have any idea the lavishness afforded to the church hierarchy?  Make no mistake, the higher in ranks you rise, the more lavish your lifestyle becomes.  Even the lowly nuns enjoy superb accommodations.  The fact that the Church, throughout history, has lived exceedingly well, demonizes certain groups of people, participates in scandalous activities, and holds ultimate power over its people because they believe that it’s the intermediary between them and the creator of the universe (who, Himself, oddly possesses human characteristics) is as great a contradiction as it is a tragedy.


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